Junta Directiva

Create a team page on your Elementor website with a round style image with shadow box style. Experiment with colors and display name, designation and social profiles information.


José Manaiza

CEO of U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce

Ana Lemus

Secretaria Ejecutiva UMCC - Comunicación


Jose Dorce

Secretario Ejecutivo UMCC - Producción


Make your team member showcase page more attractive by applying the full grid image with shadow box hover effects style; including name and designation fields.

Edith Valencia

Directora de Registros Contables

Dennis Gonzalo

Supervisor de Capacitación

Pravesh Chaudhary

Director Información al Publico

Charlie Cooper

Graphics Designer

Charlie Cooper

Graphics Designer

Lic. Candido Castro M.

Charlie Cooper

Graphics Designer

Elizabeth Sofia

Software Dev.

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer